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Our purpose is to provide a safe and affirming space for the students we serve at Colorado State University, while supporting systemic change to end all forms of oppression within our community.

What is the Troupe (and how is it different from the old SAGE program)?

The first big difference is that that students involved with the troupe will be hired and paid. Involvement with the SAGE program was purely volunteer but starting in Fall 2012, students hired to work for the troupe will be paid for their time.

The 3 credit course (WS397) that used to train students to become volunteer peer educators will now simply provide academic content related to the issues of gender and violence and will no longer contain facilitation training. Anyone on campus, regardless of their desire to become a peer facilitator, may now take WS397.

Once students have completed the course (or any past SAGE course) they will have the opportunity to apply to join “the troupe” which will consist of 7-10 peer educators who be hired (and PAID!) for their time.

What does “the troupe” do on campus?

Simply put, “the troupe” creates change!! The goal of the troupe is to use peer education and activism to change campus culture as it relates to sexual violence, relationships, gender socialization and more.

Members of the troupe do lots of different things like… facilitate workshops, perform street/guerrilla theater, plan flash mobs, perform poetry, create visual art and videos, and lots more! Every year we use the unique talents and passions of troupe members to plan programming so we are open to new ideas too!

I would like to join but i dont have a lot of facilitation/theatre/poetry/video/etc experience… can I still apply?

Yes! We will spend time during weekly rehearsals learning the nuts and bolts of facilitation, writing scripts for theatre skits, working on video projects, etc. Other than having successfully completed WS397 (SAGE), all you need is a passion for dismantling oppression and a willingness to dedicate time and energy to the troupe.

Who is eligible to apply? What is the weekly time commitment? How can I apply?

Any currently enrolled student who has successfully completed SAGE/ WS397 is eligible to apply.

The troupe will have mandatory weekly meetings/rehearsals for approximately 3 hours each week, in addition to any scheduled facilitations on campus. Most rehearsals and programs will take place at night, so it is important to have at least some availability in the evening.

Troupe members will also have weekly assignments such as reading articles or blogs, screening films, etc… which will help us stay up to date on current events and issues related to the topics we cover.

In total, each member should be prepared to dedicate no less than 5 hours a week to the troupe. 

Who is eligible to apply? What is the weekly time commitment? How can I apply?

Peer educators are available on request for educational programming on campus. General topic areas include sexual assault prevention, how to support a survivors, relationship violence and healthy relationships, gender socialization, pornography, masculinity, and much more! Once we receive a request, we will work with you to create a program that meets your specific needs and community. To request a program simply email us at (more here about what the email should say)